Dreamweavers is designer artist Sandra Tyler who works from home in Auckland. She uses traditional patterns on her loom to weave garments from New Zealand merino, possum, and mohair wool.

Buana Satu sells her beautiful capes which have been created on a “Countermache”timber floor loom and then finished by hand. The loom was constructed for her in New Zealand using local and sustainable timbers. Inspired by Maori and Celtic cultures and universal patterns of from around the world.

Sandra is driven by the exciting possibilities that are available by combining colour and pattern. She loves creating each piece from scratch by hand, knowing that it will provide beauty, warmth, comfort and funky elegance.

The capes range in price from $170 up to $220 depending on length and materials used; one of capes in store has pounamu beads. Come in a have a look at the collection made for our clients at Buana Satu.

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